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Doing your part to reduce waste has never been easier. Compost House provides the buckets and a simple process to start composting your food waste and other organic material. Depending on your needs, you can also receive our high-quality compost when we collect your bucket!



Are you interested in composting at home, but don’t have the space, time or interest in managing it? Our doorstop collection service takes the work out of composting. You simply put compostables in the bucket or bin, and we’ll come by to take them away. Then you’ll either get the prepared compost back or can have it sent to a local community partner garden. With Compost House, you can do good without doing work.

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Atlas Organics' Compost House is growing, and we're eager to serve more communities. If you don't see your city in the list of areas served, then please send us an email and let us know you're ready to have a compost partner in your community. Let's grow together!

A Simple Way to Help the Environment

“Not only is composting extremely simple, but it gave me a better insight of the simple ways to help the environment. I found that 90% of my trash was compostable.”

— Lauren Connelly, Compost House Member

One Customer's Story

“It was killing me not to contribute our food and yard waste for composting here. I was so happy that I happened to read an article in the paper about Compost House.”

- Mimi from Seattle, Compost House Member

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Downtown Spartanburg Dropoff

"I love using Compost House services! Although I don’t cook as often as I once did, I still find that I generate a lot of food and paper waste. The more I compost, the more ways I find to compost!"

- Joyce H., Compost House Member

Compost House Services

Doorstep Collection

Doorstep Collection

In our doorstep collection program, you will receive two collection buckets to fill up with your compostable waste. We will collect them from your home, provide clean buckets weekly or bi-weekly, and return to you 10 gallons of finished compost monthly upon request.

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Compost Drop-off

Compost Drop-off

In our drop-off collection program, you will receive one collection bucket to fill up with your compostable waste. You then take it to one of our many drop-off locations where we will collect the material and turn it into compost. We return finished compost monthly to you at the drop-off site of your choice upon request.

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Cafe and Office Collection

Cafe and Office Collection

In our cafe and office collection program you will receive either five collection buckets or one 13-gallon collection can for your employees to fill. We will then come into your place of business and collect the compostable waste weekly. If your place of business has a garden, we can provide you with 10 gallons of compost monthly.

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Residential Collection Impacts

The data that translates into real IMPACT in our local communities.

1750 People Using Compost House Every Day


People Using Compost House Every Day

5053 Buckets of Finished Compost Returned in 2020


Buckets of Finished Compost Returned in 2020

390 Pickup Routes Completed


Pickup Routes Completed

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