Mimi and Kirby's Testimonial, continued

In Seattle, they recycle and compost almost everything and all neighboring cities provide separate bins for garbage, yard/food waste and recyclables, which includes most everything else (including small appliances). Ten to 15 years ago was the first time food waste recycling was introduced to Mimi’s collection options. A bit of peer pressure, and an interesting report on food waste being a burden to the water treatment facility was what it took to get Mimi on board. “We soon learned everybody was doing it.” “We figured out what works for us and it's easy.” Mimi and her husband prefer to have a small collection bin on their counter. When it is full, they will dump it into their Compost House bucket which is kept out of the kitchen away from their every curious labrador, Kirby.

The thing about food waste is that small amounts add up. Each of us makes different waste based on our lifestyle and preferences, but we all make waste. Composting the waste you make is a way to take your negative impact and turn it into a positive for everyone - landfills will remain smaller, your soil and the soil that grows your food will be healthier and best of all, you know you are a part of it!  As Mimi has found a way to keep her composting routine, she says, “I feel good about myself for just doing one small thing that makes a difference for the bigger picture.”

Woman with her dog on the Swamp Rabbit Trail


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