Let's Talk Trash with Compost House

Let's Talk Trash with Compost House

October 21st 2017

Let’s talk trash with Compost House that is. At first, I was hesitant to begin composting. I’m not one to zero in on what is going in my trash bin. Nor do I go a day over the “sell by” date, so I’m embarrassed to say that I probably throw away a good amount of food that could still be safe to eat.

I knew I would immediately feel guilty by composting, but I was ready for the challenge. Once I stepped foot in my apartment with the compost bucket, I was ready to watch most of my trash go from the trash bin to the compost bucket. Yup, I was right. Roughly 90% of my trash is compostable. Paper towels, paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes, coffee grounds, uneaten leftovers, and dead flowers all made their way in the compost bucket.

I’ve had the compost bucket for three weeks now. Every Tuesday I set my two filled buckets outside my door and by noon on Tuesday, I have two empty buckets to fill for the next week. In Greenville, they pick up on Tuesday morning, but surrounding cities like Spartanburg are picked up later in the week. I contacted Leslie from Compost House to make sure I was fully aware of the products I could toss. She responded within an hour answering all my questions. Talk about great response time!

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