Composting and Anaerobic Digestion Infrastructure Investment Insights

Composting and Anaerobic Digestion Infrastructure Investment Insights

April 22nd 2020

On Dec. 10, Atlas Organics, Inc., an organics hauler and composter, announced it received $21.4 million in project development capital from Spring Lane Capital (SLC). "This investment gives us dedicated infrastructure capital to design, build, and operate composting facilities for public and private partners to provide much needed organics recycling infrastructure," explains Joseph McMillin, CEO of Atlas. "The capital commitments are ideal for Atlas as we look to develop and operate small to mid-scale compost manufacturing facilities in multiple geographic areas."

Atlas operates composting sites for the city of Durham, North Carolina (both yard trimming and biosolids composting) and Greenville County, South Carolina (yard trimmings and food waste), and recently won the bid for Indian River County, Florida's new yard trimmings composting facility. It utilizes extended aerated static pile composting at the 3 sites. The company also collects organics from the commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

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