Compost House Comes to Greenville

Compost House Comes to Greenville

August 12th 2017

Food waste is this country’s #1 waste issue. Can you believe it? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 40% of all food grown ends up in the trash. Local company, Atlas Organics, has decided to take this issue head on with its food waste collection and composting services.

Atlas Organics is an industrial sized composting company servicing customers ranging from schools, grocery stores, restaurants to industrial clients and most recently individual homes with its residential program, Compost House. Compost House was created to bring about the next shift in recycling to the foundation of our communities, our homes.

The Compost House program offers two membership options – weekly doorstep service or a drop-off location membership. Weekly doorstep service is available in 8 zip codes around Greenville for $24 a month. This option includes two 5-gallon buckets to collect food waste. Dirty buckets are picked up from your doorstep once a week and clean buckets are left in return.

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