Business offers food waste pickup for composting

Business offers food waste pickup for composting

March 6th 2018

A local company offers families an easy way to enrich the earth and reduce their impact on landfills.

Compost House offers home pickup of food waste that is then turned into rich compost. The service is the residential arm of Atlas Organics, which provides food waste composting services to a wide range of commercial operations, including restaurants, schools, Greenville Health System, Spartanburg Regional Health System, Michelin, Milliken and more.

“We’re providing a service to the person that wants to be more intentional, to give back to the community and to the earth,” Leslie Rodgers, Education Director and Compost House Coordinator, said.

In addition to reducing a family’s impact on local landfills, composting reaps a very nice reward in the form of a nutrient-rich compost that enhances the soil, Rodgers said. Compost House customers can elect to receive 10 gallons of finished compost each month or they can donate their share to community gardens and other organizations if they can’t use it at home.

Composting can be a family effort and it has the potential to make a lasting impact on children who participate. “The awareness becomes so much more apparent when you need to teach a young mind how to be in the world and how to be a good steward,” Rodgers said. “A lot of times people have good intentions, but they don’t exactly know how. When you have a family, you are busy. The research and the time to do something about your waste impact is limited. Our society needs a solution for waste.”

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