Commercial & Residential Compost Collection

Atlas Organics will collect and process your compost, allowing your organization or home to improve sustainability and reduce or eliminate the amount of food waste and other organic material sent to the landfill. We work with groceries, restaurants, health care facilities, schools, and various companies in the industrial, corporate and hospitality industries. Through Compost House, we collect compost from residences in the areas we serve.



How Professional Compost Collection Works

Fill Collection Bins

Fill Collection Bins

Atlas Organics provides 5-gallon, 13-gallon, 64-gallon or industrial sized collection bins for you to fill up, as well as educational materials to help ensure waste is correctly sorted. Fill up your bins regularly and watch your trash output decrease.

We Collect Compost

We Collect Compost

Atlas Organics will collect the full compost bins from your office, home, or place of business on a schedule that works for your output levels and leave behind new clean bins to be refilled. We can handle compost levels of all sizes, from small cafes to major manufacturing facilities.

Compost Becomes Soil

Compost Becomes Soil

Atlas Organics delivers the compost to an aerated compost facility. There, your waste is turned into usable soil in just 45 days. Your prepared compost will then be returned to you or will be purchased by farmers and landscapers to use instead of rotting in a landfill.

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Residential Compost Service

Become a Compost House

Atlas Organics isn't just a commercial compost collection and sales company. We make composting for families and households easy through our Compost House service, now available in select Southeastern U.S. cities.

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