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Atlas Organics recycles organic material and produces a rich compost that rebuilds soil.
We provide solutions for homes, businesses, companies and municipalities.

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Compost improves our homes, cities and lives.

Reduce Waste. Improve Soil.

Make an Impact.

At Atlas Organics, we recycle organic waste and keep it out of landfills, then turn it into a valuable soil amendment to promote sustainable agriculture and landscaping. We collect compost from homes and businesses throughout the Southeast and in turn provide a quality soil amendment product for landscapers, farmers, nurseries and home growers. We also help municipalities set up their own composting facilities. How can we help you?

About Us

Farms, garden stores, landscapers — Atlas Organics has the compost you need

Whether you have a large farming operation or are looking for a white-label partner to provide compost you can resell, Atlas Organics has the capability to deliver what you need, when you need it. Because we handle the complete cycle — from collection to composting to delivery of the final product — we are able to efficiently service any size customer.


Atlas Organics' Impacts

Composting is a regenerative means of recycling organic waste as it reduces methane emissions, controls water runoff, shrinks landfills, and helps farmers grow crops more sustainably.

26 Billions of Gallons of Water Saved


Billions of Gallons of Water Saved

28464 Tons diverted from landfills


Tons diverted from landfills

754879 Households with Access to Food Waste Composting


Households with Access to Food Waste Composting

11855 MTCO2 Greenhouse gas offset


MTCO2 Greenhouse gas offset

Large-Scale Solutions for Municipalities

Commercial Partners

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Residential Compost Service

Become a Compost House

Atlas Organics isn't just a commercial compost collection and sales company. We make composting for families and households easy through our Compost House service, now available in select Southeastern U.S. cities.

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